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          Welcome to Zhengzhou ANNEC Industrial Co., Ltd.!


          Sales Phon:0086-371-69938988

          Mobile website


          Address: Industrial Cluster Area, Xinmi City, Henan Province             Mailbox:annecsale@annec.com.cn

          Phone:0086-371-69938899   0086-371-69938988

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          ABOUT US

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            [Company Mission] Continue to promote the development of blast furnace hot blast stove technology and refractory technology progress

            [Company vision] to become the preferred service provider of the global high temperature industry

            [Core Culture] Customer Satisfaction Employee Satisfaction Shareholder Satisfaction

            [Management policy] Taking honesty as the foundation, surviving on quality, promoting development through science and technology

            [Quality Policy] Only genuine products No defective products Factory pass rate 100%

            [Management Principles] Reasonable allocation of limited resources to create maximum corporate benefits

            [Team Manifesto] Division of Labor Collaboration Unity and Efficiency No Perfect Individual Only Perfect Team

            [Employee culture] loyalty, dedication, initiative, innovation


            [Execution culture] Don't make excuses, take the courage to accept the task, don't talk about the conditions, do the task, do everything possible.

            [Learning culture] Learning at work

            [Code of Conduct] Quick response Immediate action

            [Innovative thinking] good at summing up, dare to negate, be brave in innovation

            [Annick's Interpretation] Safe and Efficient, Patient and Attentive